Woman is whitening teeth with LED light

Your teeth can stain over time, which might make you feel self-conscious. If you would like to take action, David M. Juliani, DDS, offers top-notch dentistry in Rochester Hills, MI, and we can help you get a brighter smile.

As cosmetic dentistry professionals, the first thing we advice our patients who are looking to whiten their teeth is to steer clear of DIY teeth whitening.

Tooth Enamel Loss

Whitening teeth using do-it-yourself methods can lead to loss of tooth enamel. Your enamel is the layer which helps protect your teeth from daily activities such as chewing, biting, crunching, and grinding. The use of DIY teeth whitening tips can permanently wear down and damage your tooth enamel, increasing your risk of tooth decay and cavities.

Luckily, we can utilize CEREC technology to mitigate the damage inflicted on your tooth by teeth whitening home remedies.

Adverse Reactions

Hydrogen peroxide, one of the many ingredients people are using for their at-home tooth whitening treatment, can be dangerous especially when you’re exposed to high concentrations over an extended period of time. Excessive use of non-regulated teeth whitening substances can result in mouth infections, gum burns, and tooth sensitivity that prompt a visit to your dentist.

Risk of Damaging Dental Implants

Professional teeth whitening can be done before your dental implants go in. However, trying to whiten your teeth on your own after you’ve had your implants done is a different story altogether. Keep in mind that the crowns of dental implants cannot be whitened by artificial means, so DIYs are definitely off-limits.


You can buy DIY teeth whitening kits practically anywhere. However, many of these kits (especially the ones that cost next to nothing) are not scientifically proven to actually do anything at all. No amount of gimmicky tools can make up for actual efficacy, so your best bet is to get to a dentist for professional, effective teeth whitening treatments.

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