High-Quality Teeth Whitening in Rochester Hills, MI

Teeth whitening is a simple dental cosmetic procedure and a quick way to get beautiful results in your smile. You can obtain full whitening results in our dental office or at home with our dentist in Rochester Hills, MI, recommended and quality whitening products.

Teeth Whitening Services in Rochester Hills, MIWhen applying any whitening agent to your teeth, it is best to consult your dental professional and find out what the best options for you are. Although whitening is not a permanent procedure, it can provide long-lasting results if cared for properly. It will give you a confident, healthy look and can be done again when the results wear off.

Rochester Hills, MI teeth whitening methods and dental services are available at David M. Juliani, DDS. Our methods include bleaching trays, the Zoom! Whitening system, the Pola Whitening Day and Night Systems, and Life-Like products as take-home solutions.

Why Do My Teeth Stain?

Whitening teeth restores brightness, color, and youth to your smile. Over time, our teeth take a beating and staining from beverages like coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, and food. Aging over time can change the look and brightness of our smile.

Teeth staining can be caused by all kinds of wear and tear including grinding that shows cracks and discoloration. Our favorite foods that we eat and drink can create a yellow color over time- from red wine and candy to hot coffee, it all adds up!

Sometimes a simple crack or injury in our mouth can create discolorations that make us feel self-conscious about our smile. Unfortunately, the passage of time also wears our teeth down. When we are young, our teeth are new and white yet over time they are bound to wear out and get stained. Smoking will yellow your teeth as well. Tobacco causes brown stains on the teeth and major wear and tear. Medication can also affect your overall health and add to yellowing and discoloration.

Our Teeth Whitening Methods

Teeth Whitening in Rochester Hills, MITrays

Bleaching is a term often brought up when it comes to teeth whitening methods and refers specifically to products that may contain a safe bleach, such as hydrogen peroxide. Using an effective bleaching product will reverse the yellowish color of your teeth.

Another dental whitening method is to take home a professional level kit given to you by our dentist that is safe to be applied at home. These kits involve custom-style bleaching trays. The best kits are available through our team.

Zoom! Whitening

Our Zoom! Whitening system can be fitted to meet your unique whitening needs. You can get this system at our office. We customize each treatment to fit the whitening level you would like to achieve in your teeth. We even have options for those with sensitivity issues.

The actual process of applying the Zoom system takes up to approximately two hours and will make your teeth several shades brighter. Our team will apply the gel process, properly protecting the gums with a rubber type of dam that will keep the gel from affecting them.

Pola Day & Pola Night

We carry the Pola take-home whitening products. These are used with the take-home tray methods of whitening. The daytime option can be worn for 2-4 hours depending on sensitivity. The nighttime option can be worn for up to eight hours.

Life-Like Whitening Products

Life-Like whitening products are also a great option for a take-home kit. The product is applied twice daily for approximately 20 to 30 minutes each time.

FAQs on Our Teeth Whitening Service

How long do results last?

Teeth whitening in Rochester Hills, MI, is not a permanent process. How long the results last will depend on several factors, including what kind of foods and beverages you enjoy. If you generally avoid stain-inducing foods, you may be able to wait for a year or more to have another treatment.

Will the treatments damage the enamel?

Several studies involving common substances used for teeth whitening procedures in dentistry in Rochester Hills, MI, show there is no damage to the enamel surface or the hardness or mineral content of teeth.

Does teeth whitening affect dental restorations?

In the studies referenced above, no damage to restorations or implants was observed either. However, teeth whitening processes will not lighten bridges, veneers, crowns, or fillings that are tooth-colored. You may need to have highly visible restorations re-done to match your newly lightened teeth.

Are results immediate?

It depends on the process you prefer. With Zoom! In-Office Whitening, for example, results are typically immediate. The take-home kits and options we offer are more gradual, but they can produce noticeable results when used as directed.

Are teeth whitening procedures covered by insurance?

Typically, the answer is no. However, we offer several options with teeth whitening. Therefore, we can direct you towards a solution appropriate for your budget.

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