Trust: The Key Ingredient to a Pleasant Visit to the Dentist

A good relationship with your dentist is based on trust, understanding, and communication. For you to receive customized care that will enhance your dental health, you will require these qualities. David M. Juliani, DDS, is an expert when it comes to forging lasting relationships with patients—and trust is the foremost ingredient.

Here are the reasons our good dentist in Rochester Hills, MI, puts a premium on building the patient-dentist relationship on trust.

You Will Be More Open

When you go to a professional dentist whom you are not familiar with, there is a chance you will not open up completely. To receive quality dental care, you will need to communicate with the dentist openly regarding your issues and expectations.

If trust has already been forged, patients will be more relaxed. Suggest treatment methods, including root canal, tooth removal, or dental implants will be more openly accepted and there won’t be any hesitation on the patient’s part.

Minimal Dental Anxiety

When you go for new procedures, such as CEREC technology, for instance, you might experience fear, anxiety, and stress. If you have dental anxiety, you are more likely to avoid visiting your dentist and delay treatment as much as possible.

While that’s understandable, it’s important to realize that if you delay dental procedures, you will encourage oral issues and tooth decay. Even simple teeth whitening treatments can turn into complex problems. Forging trust between patient and dentist eliminates anxiety.

You Will Maintain Your Dental Health

If you recently visited a dental clinic for a dental checkup and got a treatment such as an SureSmile, you will need to visit the dentist regularly. A relationship based on trust with your dentist will give you a source of accountability.

You will be more committed to cleaning your teeth since you will visit the dentist soon. This will also encourage you to consider other cosmetic dentistry treatment methods to promote your oral health.

Finally, a trusting dentist-patient relationship is helpful to both parties. Our team at David M. Juliani, DDS, offers quality cosmetic dentistry in Rochester Hills, MI. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Together we can forge a lasting relationship based on mutual trust.