smiling with veneers

Like many, you probably have some reservations about cosmetic dentistry and the processes that it entails. Unfortunately, these misgivings actually hinder you from reaping the many benefits of cosmetic dentistry procedures. David M. Juliani, DDS, your trusted dentist in Rochester Hills, MI, explores and sheds light on the truths behind the most pervasive myths surrounding cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry Weakens Teeth

One of the most common misconceptions about cosmetic dentistry is that it weakens teeth. One dental procedure, in particular, has popularized this notion. While it was true that getting veneers entailed filing down the enamel of the tooth, shaving teeth down to pegs are no longer your only option. In fact, new technology can completely eliminate the filing down aspect of getting veneers.

On top of CEREC technology that allows us to streamline dental care processes, we’re also firm believers that tooth restoration should be safe and should aim toward tooth strengthening above all.

It Is Expensive

While it’s true that cosmetic dentistry procedures are not cheap, they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, either. In fact, you can get SureSmile, a dental treatment procedure notorious for being pricey, without breaking the bank. There are a variety of treatments available, and not all of them will cost you more than you’re prepared to pay.

Talk to your go-to expert in dentistry in Rochester Hills, MI regarding your options based on your budget.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Painful

Many people also believe that all cosmetic dentistry procedures are painful. Some procedures, such as teeth whitening, are relatively painless. Others, such as dental implants, can be a little bit more uncomfortable but still manageable. If you’re concerned about the discomfort you might experience during your procedure, talk to your dentist beforehand.

It’s Not Necessary

Lastly, some people believe that they don’t need cosmetic dentistry because their teeth look fine already. You don’t necessarily need to have anything done to your teeth, but most of the issues that cosmetic dentistry addresses has to do with restoring functionality to the tooth – definitely more than just making your teeth look aesthetically pleasing. Dental implants are an example of a cosmetic dentistry procedure that focuses on form and function.

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