Habits You Need to Develop For Sparkly Healthy Teeth

Teeth and gums are constantly exposed to sugary treats and cavity-causing food that can damage them over time. If you want sparkly teeth, you can’t ignore oral hygiene. A little change in habits and a stricter routine for your oral care regimen can ensure that you have a charming smile to flash for many years to come.

David M. Juliani, DDS, the leading dentist in Rochester Hills, MI, shares the habits you need to develop to give your teeth a healthy glow.

Brush at Least Twice Per Day

Most people brush their teeth in the morning but fail to do so in the evening. Ensure you brush your teeth at least twice daily. Regular brushing helps eliminate bacteria that could have accumulated in the mouth during the day. But if bacteria and plaque have affected your enamel, you can turn to the leading practitioner of dentistry Rochester Hills, MI, residents rely on.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

Coffee, dark-hued foods, tea, and wine can stain (and ultimately damage) the white enamel of your teeth. Luckily, you can opt for teeth whitening services to help you regain the pearly whiteness of your teeth and keep an alluring smile.

Regular Dental Checkups

Although regular and proper brushing helps remove many bacteria, some substances are highly resistant and can endure toothpaste. This makes it harder to maintain dental health. During a regular examination, your dentist will clean your teeth and get rid of hardened tartar and plaque. Besides cleaning, your dentist can also insert dental implants if you have missing or damaged teeth to protect your smile and give your teeth the glow you want.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

When buying toothpaste for your regular cleaning, ensure you choose a formula that contains fluoride. Fluoride is clinically proven to offer protection against germs, bacteria, and tooth decay. If you already have damaged teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help fix this issue.

Use Mouthwash

Regular use of mouthwash can help enhance your oral health. It helps control plaque, gum disease, and bad breath. Although a mouthwash cannot substitute regular brushing and flossing, it can complement these habits. If you have persistent oral issues, our CEREC technology approach to dentistry helps streamline the teeth restoration procedure.

At David M. Juliani, DDS, you get top-notch dental services, including SureSmile treatment, to help our patients maintain shiny, happy smiles. Schedule an appointment today and say goodbye to cavities for good.