Do’s and Don’ts Before and After Teeth Whitening

Over the years, it’s natural to find that your teeth are no longer as white as they were once before. If you want to bring back your teeth’s former color, you can seek a professional offering dentistry in Rochester Hills, MI, such as David M. Juliani, DDS. We offer a comprehensive range of dental services, including teeth whitening. If you’re considering or are scheduled for this procedure, it’s important to know the do’s and don’ts of whitening your teeth before and after having it done.

Don’t Consume Food or Beverages That Can Stain Your Teeth

Avoid eating food or drinking beverages that can stain your teeth. Anything that might leave stains should be avoided. That includes black teas, coffee, red wine, blueberries, and anything else that can stain your teeth. Yes, that includes your favorite curry or red pasta dish. This precaution applies to both before and after the teeth whitening procedure as it can undo the work that has been done.

Do Have Your Teeth Whitened Professionally

While there are countless teeth whitening kits readily and conveniently available at your local drugstore or beauty counters, having your dentist in Rochester Hills, MI whiten your teeth is still the best way to go about it. When you rely on a dentist, you can be completely secure in knowing that you’re in the hands of a professional who has been trained to provide safe and quality teeth whitening procedures.

This way, you’ll get the most out of your cosmetic dentistry investment.

Don’t Eat Acidic Food

After your teeth whitening procedure, you should avoid eating acidic food. This includes anything from citrus fruits to sodas, which can gradually wear away the enamel on your teeth.

Don’t Smoke Before or After

Smoking cigarettes, tobacco, or vape is something that can turn your teeth yellow and can damage your dental implants. This is because nicotine turns yellow once it’s been exposed to oxygen, and the pores in your teeth (yes, your teeth have pores) can easily absorb this substance. Consider quitting smoking altogether, not just to preserve your teeth’s enamel but for your health’s sake as well.

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