The Importance of Building a Relationship with Your Dentist

Routine dental care is the key to a confident and healthy smile. Nonetheless, this can be challenging if you haven’t formed a relationship with your dentist in Rochester Hills, MI. David M. Juliani, DDS, and our entire staff believe that creating a good relationship with our clients is an integral part of our standard dental care. Here are a few reasons why a dentist-patient relationship is essential:

We Get to Know You

One of the crucial aspects of our minimally invasive approach to dentistry in Rochester Hills, MI we look beyond what happens in our clinic. We understand that it’s about dealing with everything that affects your oral health, including your diet and lifestyle choices.

The better our team knows you, the more we can tailor oral care treatments to cater to your specific needs. We can also offer better tips about certain lifestyle changes that can positively impact your oral health.

We Can Cater To Your Oral Health Needs Better

It isn’t easy to express yourself to a stranger. However, communicating with your dentist is essential to ensure you get top-notch dental care. Telling your dentist why you feel you need teeth whitening can lead to an in-depth discussion to determine why your teeth became discolored in the first place. We can then come up with ways to avoid the issue in the future.

By building an open and honest relationship with your dentist the way Julie Foster has with us, you can implement a preventive approach to your oral health. Julie has been our patient since 2008 and we now care for her entire family’s oral health.

You’ll Become Encouraged to Maintain Oral Hygiene

The most important person when it comes to your oral health is none other than you. But with everyday responsibilities like school, work, and social activities getting in the way, it’s easy to neglect scheduling your routine oral health check-ups. It’s even easier to indulge in sugary products that can damage your teeth and possibly lead to more intensive, and sometimes more costly dental restorations.

Building a relationship with your dentist gives you a sense of accountability. Visiting your dentist regularly for exams and procedures makes your dental care a team effort. In fact, you are more likely to care for your teeth when you know you’ll be seeing your dentist soon.

Reduced Dental Anxiety

Most patients become anxious in a dental setting. People with this problem often avoid visiting a dentist altogether, contributing to tooth decay and other oral health issues that may require emergency dentistry services.

Building a relationship with your dentist, as Joe Forlanz has with us, can allow you to receive treatment while in a relaxed state. We take pride in the fact that patients choose us because the minute they step into our clinic, they experience a family-type environment free from anxiety.

We Build Trust

Trust is essential to receiving exceptional dental care. You need to trust that when we recommend treatment such as SureSmile, it’s for your good. Trust isn’t something that can magically occur between us; it’s something we establish over time the way Joe, Julie, and hundreds of other patients have with us. 

A healthy dentist-patient relationship is advantageous to both parties. At David M. Juliani, DDS, we’re dedicated to improving your oral health, and our approach to dentistry involves compassionate, devoted attention to each patient to ensure the highest quality of care. For patients with busy schedules we offer convenient early morning appointments and CEREC same day dental crowns. Contact us today to receive the individual attention you deserve from our dedicated team.