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It’s finally the holiday season! Many people associate this time of year with festive gatherings and of course, feasts. The general increase in sugar consumption during the many activities and celebrations makes it easier for people to overlook their oral health. Luckily, David M. Juliani, DDS specializes in dentistry in Rochester Hills, MI and we can help with your dental needs this festive season with these tips.

Stick to Your Daily Oral Care Routine

Brush twice a day and carry with you some mouthwash or even a portable oral hygiene kit so you can still freshen up when eating out at restaurants or other places. Try to stick to this oral care habit, especially if you have SureSmile, as it needs to be taken off every time you eat.

Drink Lots Of Water

Drink lots of water especially after consuming anything that’s particularly sugary. Staying hydrated can help wash away food remnants in your mouth that can become breeding ground for bacteria. This is a simple way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. After all, nobody wants to have to visit their dentist for a checkup for cavities when holiday activities are in full swing.

Avoid Dyed Beverages

This helps avoid staining, which you want to watch out for especially if you’re undergoing teeth whitening treatments.

Avoid Using Your Teeth as Openers

Though many people use teeth to open their drinks or food packets, it is not a good idea as it weakens or can damage your teeth. If your permanent tooth comes loose, you might require dental implants.

Fortunately, our clinic utilizes CEREC technology which makes improving dental health and appearance highly convenient.

Keep Up With Dental Appointments

Whether it’s for family or cosmetic dentistry, it’s important to show up to your dental appointments even if they were scheduled prior to the holidays.

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